Snow, Art and a Giant Monster

This morning Butterfly class had their last English lesson of the year. To celebrate, reflect and prepare for next year, we all worked together to make a big 'Welcome to Butterfly Class!' sign to make all the new children feel welcomed. 4 tables were prepared with paint, coloured pencils, glue, pom-poms, sequins and tissue paper and the kids were given free reign over the lot. They came up with some creative ways to combine the different materials and create some unique art. We finished off with s game of 'Musical Statues'.
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_16551499.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_16554257.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_16555209.jpg

Meanwhile Caterpillar class were very pleasantly surprised when they went to play outside, as they found that the snow that had fallen yesterday was still on the ground! The children were all fascinated with how the snow looked and felt, as well as taking notice of how their hands would turn red when they held it. They made snowballs and enjoyed the sound of their feet crunching into the icy snow.
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_16530340.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_16532181.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_16544487.jpg


Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_17264860.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_17272014.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_17273676.jpg
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_17273676.jpg

Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_17275056.jpg
ブランコは少し怖がる子がいて、ちょっと押すと「高い高い( ゚Д゚)」と驚く様子も見られかわいらしかったです♪
Snow, Art and a Giant Monster_d0148342_17281963.jpg



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Spring is Here!

This morning we went outside and enjoyed the hot humid weather, seeing the pink blossoms on the way for this rare and beautiful time in Japan. We took some balls to the park to play some games, whilst the younger children were satisfied with protectively carrying their balls around, the older children played two games, one was a simple game of soccer, and the other a more complex game that they'd learned earlier in the week, involving one team trying to run to and from different places, whilst the other team try to touch them with the ball.
Spring is Here!_d0148342_12093078.jpg
Spring is Here!_d0148342_12094390.jpg
Spring is Here!_d0148342_12095486.jpg
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今日の午後は風船とフラフープを使ったEnglish game!!!
Spring is Here!_d0148342_16044731.jpg
Spring is Here!_d0148342_16045533.jpg
Spring is Here!_d0148342_16044082.jpg
Spring is Here!_d0148342_16043372.jpg


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Graduation Is Here!

Today was our Graduation Ceremony and what a day it was! The day had finally arrived to celebrate with you all. We have been preparing for this day for weeks and I hope you could see how much work the children had put into their performances. They were a little nervous to show you all, but I think we can all agree, they did a fantastic job! We are all so proud of the children, as I am sure you are too! As much as we celebrate, there is a tinge of sadness as we say goodbye to Nencho-san. They have grown up so much in their time at Sukusuku World and we know they are more than ready for this next step to Elementary school. I echo Jordan sensei in saying their confidence has grown in their time here and they will be brilliant in this next adventure. We all wish them the best of luck in the future! All of the children had a great time presenting their performances to Nencho-san, something I am sure they will not forget. Each performance was special in its own way and really showed what all the children are capable of. I have nothing but admiration for them all, standing up on stage and showing you. You did great Nencho-san! You will forever be a part of Sukusuku World, all the best!

Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12420068.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12421628.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12432014.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12483895.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12450041.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12451371.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12453617.jpg
Graduation Is Here!_d0148342_12464303.jpg

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今日は気持ちのよいお天気になり、両クラスともお散歩日和になり昭和記念公園まで歩きました♪                                               キャタピラークラスは昭和記念公園に行き、バケツに葉っぱや石を入れておままごとをしているお友達や追いかけっこをしている友達がいて、汗をたくさんかいている子もいました☆バタフライさんは昭和記念公園で伝承遊びがあり「ポコペン」「ろくむし」というゲームをしました!フラフープとボールを使って年齢ごとにチームを作り、お友達を追いかけてタッチをしたり、逃げていました☆2歳児のお兄さんやお姉さんが見学にいき「バタフライさんって走るのが早いね」「かっこいい」ととっても嬉しそうでした♪

This afternoon we celebrated the one special boy who had his birthday in March. We started by interviewing him, different children asked 'What sports do you like?' and 'What's your favourite colour?', everyone then sang happy birthday before playing a memory game. There were several green squares on the board and it was up to the children to find a matching pair. Many of them managed to memorise very well. They then had some delicious cake before everyone wished our oldest children all the best for their big Graduation ceremony tomorrow.
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This afternoon Butterfly class had an English lesson. We continued learning about routine and what we do during the day. The main question of the day was 'What do you like to do?' To which, the class would respond with answers starting with 'I like to...' This has been a new concept for some of the children who gravitate towards using 'I want to...' sentences. Differentiating between 'want' and 'like' has been a little difficult for some children but we are definitely making progress. In order to cement this new sentence structure, the children role played asking and answering the question of 'what do you like to do?' It is such a simple way to help the children see how these sentences are used in day to day life. For added silliness, some of the children decided to act out a voice when they role played. 101.png We then played a game whereby the children had to jump through hoops to find the correct sentence, without landing on the floor. This helped to practice their listening skills.

Caterpillar class took this time to enjoy some of the beautiful weather, putting on their hats and heading outside. They love to get outside and run around. This allows them to use up some energy. Many children love to try and catch their friends. Today Caterpillar class had smiles all across their faces as they caught some afternoon sun.


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...and then she flew away

...and then she flew away_d0148342_17315165.jpg
...and then she flew away_d0148342_17320358.jpg

...and then she flew away_d0148342_17375047.jpg
...and then she flew away_d0148342_17380619.jpg


This afternoon Caterpillar class had their final English lesson of the Academic year! We recapped all of the spring vocabulary we've been learning through the month (bee, frog, flower, ladybug, rainbow, bunny,) At the start of the listen we gave each kid a ladybug (after they said please and thank you) and they all sang along to the 'Ladybug Ladybug' song, whilst moving the cute little spotted insect to different parts of their body. They then found each of the different pictures around the classroom and placed them inside a big, red bag, before closing their eyes, taking them back out and identifying them!
...and then she flew away_d0148342_16485820.jpg
...and then she flew away_d0148342_16505824.jpg
...and then she flew away_d0148342_16510922.jpg
Butterfly class spent their afternoon practicing some different parts of the Graduation Ceremony which is just around the corner. Today they were able to breeze through their English and Japanese speeches, as well as all of the musical performances. After months of preparing they're finally ready to say goodbye and perform this rite of passage as they move into the next chapter of their lives.
...and then she flew away_d0148342_16530268.jpg
...and then she flew away_d0148342_16531434.jpg


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