Fun out of the Sun!

Summer's not over yet as we found out this morning when the scorching heat made it too hot for us to play outside, but of course when children's imagination is involved there is always the opportunity to have fun no matter where you are. This morning we decided to play some different games with hula hoops. We started with Hopscotch, where the hoops were laid out in a line and the kids would hop to a certain number or colour, if they encounter two hoops the jump with two feet, and one hoop they hop with one foot. We then played Hoopla, where they would try to throw three hoops over three boxes marked 1, 2 and 3, afterwards they would count the total of their score! Many of the children were very happy to improve their score the second time round, once they'd had some practice. We then played a racing game, where the kids have to race to get their coloured ball over the line first, but they can only touch the ball with the hoop. This game got very competitive as the class was split up into two teams, but in the end it was a draw, so everyone was a winner! Lastly we played Monster House, the kids would dance while the music was playing, and then when the music stopped they would hear a colour and hide in a hoop of that colour. If they didn't make it to the house in time the monster would come and eat them up! We then spent the last 10 minutes having some free play time for the children to play together with toys of their choosing, with their newfound knowledge of the versatility of different toys as the forefront of their minds.

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午後はMonsters maker Gameをしました♪

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by sukusukuworld | 2019-09-07 11:30