So Many Friends To Play With!

This morning Caterpillar class took a stroll to the big park nearby to play in the trees with the fallen leaves and sticks. Although these fallen branches may seem thoroughly ordinary and mundane to the adult observer, through the eyes of a child they can become just about anything, a magic wand to cast spells, a big ladle to stir soup, or even a stick! The children always manage to find a way to exercise their imagination along with their bodies to make any occasional special.
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Meanwhile, Butterfly class also took a lengthy walk to visit their friends at the local retirement centre. It's always heartwarming to see the faces of the elderly people and children light up and they invigorate each other with songs and games. After playing with some bean bags and singing some traditional Japanese songs together, the oldest members of Butterfly class invited the elderly folk to attend our Doll's Festival. Our retired friends shared the children's enthusiasm regarding the event, and took delight in accepting their invitation.

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