A Great Day In Nature!

Today everyone went to the park to have a good run around. Although it may have been a little chilly outside, this did not deter them. As they ran around chasing one another, they soon warmed up. Up the hill they ran, as fast as they could! The children took delight in running around and asking the teachers to catch them 101.png Getting out into nature is a great way for the children to learn more about the seasons as they see the park change, as well as keeping them fit and active as they breath in the fresh air. Later the children tried to climb some trees and see who could get the highest. The older children could do this very well and decided to take a rest in them. After we had finished at the park, we headed to the library. This is such a good facility to have available to us. The children can peruse a large selection of books, which always keeps them entertained. It`s good to for them to get some quiet time where they can relax and consume themselves in a book of their choosing. These little adventures are helping to instill a sense of independence in the children, as they learn how to behave respectfully in the outside world.

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by sukusukuworld | 2020-02-08 12:12