Fun Together In The Sun!

This morning we went to the park and had so much fun! Whilst we were walking there, we asked each other questions in English, What colour do you like? When is your birthday? It was great practice and nice to see the children using English in their everyday life. At the park, we made it to the top of the hill where we had views over the park and the mountains. We played together, running around and then hiding, using up all our energy 101.png Then we sang some songs on our way back, enjoying each others company and being out in the sunny weather. Once we were back at SukuSuku world we prepared for lunch.

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「モンスター今何時?」というゲームを英語で行ない、モンスターが「ご飯の時間!!!」と言って追いかけてくるとみんなケラケラ笑いながら早歩きで逃げて楽しんでいました( *´艸`)

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Special Days All Around!

This morning Caterpillar class joined Butterfly class for our first full graduation rehearsal. All of the children sat very nicely as we practiced the opening speeches, taking special care with every detail from the length and direction of bowing to the order and placement of each of the children. It was clear that the children understand that this is a special occasion as they were particularly well-behaved and aware of what the teachers wanted from them. With just one month until the graduation event and the subsequent changes in their school years, everyone is feeling very excited, as well as a little nervous, about the big changes ahead

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On Patrol In The Park!

This morning, Caterpillar class went to the park and what a treat was in store. We arrived at the park and were given various cardboard boxes shaped as different modes of transport: police car, bus, train, car. All of the children were so excited and their faces showed how happy they were to be able to choose which vehicle they wanted. The police car proved to be a favourite amongst many of them, chasing others and pretending they were police officers. It was so fun and so good to see how entertained they all were from something as simple as a decorated cardboard box. It was also perfect because it helped to review the content we have been learning in English Time 101.png

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On Patrol In The Park!_d0148342_17040298.jpg

Whilst Caterpillar class were at the park enjoying their adventures with different vehicles, Butterfly class were having some fun outside before going to learn more phonics in their ABC lesson. This week we were working on 'sh', 'th', 'ch', 'wh', 'ng', 'ck' and 'tch' sounds. Everyone is getting so good at recognising this sounds in words now. Once we had gone through a selection of words, it was up to the class to try and spell them. For the older children they had to try to remember how to form all of the word themselves and they did really well. Their spelling abilities are improving so much!
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This afternoon Caterpillar class had Japanese Traditional Play. The teachers prepared some cards with the kid's names and photos on them, as well as a sentence starting with the first character of one or more of the children's names. The game involved the children listening to the sentence read out loud and trying to identify when the first character was the same as the first character of their name!

Butterfly class had the final English lesson of the month, which means it's an English art lesson! After a month of learning prepositions (in, on, under, in front of, behind, next to & between) we wanted to make a craft that fit in with the monthly topic, and making a paper Jack-in-the-Box seemed like the perfect fit. So the class coloured in their box, before the older ones cut it out and glued it together, they then folded two long strips of paper, cut them, and then folded them into a concertina for the spring, and finally drew something to put on the spring to pop out and surprise whoever opens the box. Although they were a bit fiddly, the class really enjoyed putting these jumping jacks together.

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What Can You See?

Today, Caterpillar class went outside to play. As we went to a different area today, there were many new places to explore. Some children ran around and played with jump rope with their friends. They created trains or buses and helped other children get inside. Whilst others pretended their jump ropes were snakes. It's amazing how much they can create with their imagination. Some children wanted to observe so spent some time looking out for dogs and pigeons. We had a great time exploring somewhere new!

What Can You See?_d0148342_12355403.jpg
What Can You See?_d0148342_12360528.jpg

Butterfly class played with the maze and sweet house that was set up for our Exhibition Art show on Friday. The children were so excited to be able to play again that they all ran around shouting how happy they were. Some of the children wanted to play a tea time game in the sweet house with the donuts and cookies, very yummy. Some children took the opportunity to play in the maze one more time, having loved it on Friday. All of the children were just happy to be in each others company and you can tell by all the big smiles on everyone's face 101.png

What Can You See?_d0148342_12452168.jpg
What Can You See?_d0148342_12460972.jpg
What Can You See?_d0148342_12462602.jpg
What Can You See?_d0148342_12464335.jpg

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キャタピラーさんは午後、English timeで乗り物について楽しく学びました(*^-^*)
What Can You See?_d0148342_16464900.jpg
What Can You See?_d0148342_16465707.jpg
バタフライさんはSurprise Artでした!
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What Can You See?_d0148342_16520148.jpg

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Spring Is Around The Corner!

Today we went to the park to play together. We were lucky to have great weather, nice and warm so we ran around and enjoyed it all. Spring is definitely on its way 179.png Some children ran and released some energy, whilst others stopped to admire the flower buds that are yet to bloom. However, it wont be long until we can enjoy seeing their beautiful colours come Spring. The older children were so good in remembering to look after the smaller children, a great attribute that they all have. They love to take care of each other and encourage the smaller children to participate. Their friendships with each other are so good to see.

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Spring Is Around The Corner!_d0148342_11245432.jpg

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